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Executive Leadership Team

President & CEO

About Alex Meier:

As CEO & President of Axis Insurance Managers Inc., Alex guides the growth of the organization through a strong focus on execution and accountability. We start with strategic planning which results in an evolving organizational structure and plan. We emphasize constant enhancement of three overarching goals to improve culture, financial metrics, and our customer experience.

With a vision to be best in class in all aspects of the industry, Alex believes that a strong, high-performance team allows individuals to be put to their highest and best use, doing work that truly fuels them. Leading by example as a natural coach, mentor, and champion of Axis’ core values, he has created a culture of respect, support, and thought leadership. Whether it be in the day-to-day operations of the business or in strategic growth planning, Alex’s decision-making process is deeply rooted in this foundational value system.

Alex is born relationship builder – open-minded and humble, eager to learn and to find common ground. This plays perfectly into his passion for mergers and acquisitions, which gives him the opportunity to connect and grow with people and organizations that align with his vision for Axis: to create a national and industry-leading risk management and insurance team, committed to providing superior service, backed by expert knowledge and innovative product offerings.

Alex is a devoted family man, enjoys competitive sports and keeping active. He seeks continual learning and growth to be his best self. He also believes in giving back through contributing to various charities and supporting others in their personal journeys.