Tim Gale

Executive Vice President, Commercial Insurance

Axis Senior Management

I’m Tim Gale, the Executive Vice President of Commercial Insurance at Axis. With three decades in the insurance sector, I’ve worked across major brokerage firms in Calgary and Vancouver. At Axis, I focus on enhancing our commercial sales teams, fostering robust insurer relationships, and developing innovative placement strategies.

My professional journey includes roles as a broker, client advocate, and leader in corporate risk and broking operations across diverse industries like real estate, construction, and hospitality. My background in political science, law, and certifications in risk management and financial analysis has shaped my approach to risk and opportunity.

Outside the office, I delve into economics and technology, reflecting my curiosity about systems and their societal impacts. This curiosity enriches my professional perspective, allowing me to offer more rounded advice to our clients. At Axis Insurance, we’re about empowering clients to turn potential risks into their greatest successes, and in my role, I am dedicated to ensuring they are equipped to do so.

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