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Cyber security is more important than ever. Cyber criminals are constantly looking for improperly secured websites to attack; therefore, it is essential to secure servers and the network infrastructure that supports them. The consequences of a security breach may include loss of revenue, damage to credibility, legal liability and loss of customer trust.

The following are some other tips to avoid becoming the victim of a phishing scheme:

  • Be overly cautious of suspicious emails, deleting them immediately. Be particularly wary of emails that:
    • Come from unrecognized senders
    • Ask you to confirm personal or financial information
    • Aren’t personalized
    • Are vague
    • Include threatening, frightening and persuasive language
  • Never enter personal information or click links in a pop-up screen.
  • Avoid emailing personal or financial information, even if you think you know the sender.
  • Hover over and triple-check the address of any links before you click them.
  • Avoid replying to the sender if you suspect an email is malicious. If you recognize the individual or company sending the suspicious email, follow up with them offline to ensure they meant to contact you.
  • Report the attack to your employer and the proper authorities.
  • Verify a website’s security. Legitimate websites will have a URL that begins with https, and you should see a closed lock icon somewhere near the address bar.
  • Review your online accounts regularly and use different passwords for each one. Most importantly, review your bank and credit card statements to ensure that all transactions are authorized.
  • Keep your browser up to date and use firewalls.
  • Run antivirus and anti-malware software on a regular basis. Reputable venders include McAfee, Symantec, Malwarebytes and Avast.

Cyber Assessments:

With the increased usage of technology in people’s lives to stay connected while mostly working from home, cybersecurity threats have also become a growing issue and require proper assessments to manage any security gaps and risks that can harm your business.

Therefore, it’s important to conduct proper cyber assessments to mitigate the possibility of having your company’s cybersecurity system breached.