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Many of our clients carry out business or hold assets in strategic locations around the world. To navigate the complexities of global risk, we partnered with Assurex Global, the world’s largest privately held commercial insurance, risk management, and employee benefits brokerage group. With over 700 partner offices worldwide and $40 billion in annual premium volume, Assurex Global equips us with unmatched global reach and local expertise. This partnership enables us to provide our clients with seamless and innovative solutions, regardless of where your business takes you.

Through our alliance with Assurex Global, Axis taps into a vast network of knowledge, unique trading relationships, and advanced data utilization. This ensures that our clients receive the best possible service, tailored to their specific needs in every location.

Coverage Beyond Boarders

Navigating international business requires comprehensive insurance solutions that go beyond standard policies. Our partnership with Assurex Global enables us to provide seamless coverage that addresses the unique risks of operating across borders. Our global risk placement services cover a wide range of needs, including general liability, errors and omissions liability, and international workers’ compensation. We also offer specialized options such as business auto, kidnap and ransom, marine, and medical risk insurance, ensuring your business is protected no matter where it operates.

International operations involve specific challenges that require targeted insurance strategies. Policies offer protection against risks like unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations, non-payment by international clients, and local currency freezes. By considering these unique threats, we help ensure your business remains resilient in the face of global uncertainties.

    International Regulatory Guidance and Support

    Navigating international regulations can be complex. We offer expert guidance and tailored solutions to ensure your business stays compliant and protected. Services include:

    • Country-Specific Insurance Requirements: We provide guidance on insurance requirements for each country, ensuring your coverage meets local standards and regulations.
    • Tailored Insurance Programs: Our customized insurance programs are designed to pass local audits, giving you confidence in your compliance and risk management.
    • Global Network Support: Through our Assurex Broker Network and updates from international associations, we keep you abreast of legislative and jurisdictional changes that may impact your business.

    Our goal is to help you navigate the complexities of international insurance regulations with ease, providing the support and expertise you need to succeed globally.

    Global Claims Management

    Effectively managing claims on a global scale requires a comprehensive approach and localized expertise. We offer unparalleled support in handling international claims with the assistance of our international broker network. Here’s how we can assist:

    • Local Expertise: We leverage our network of over 700 partner offices worldwide to provide on-the-ground support, ensuring that claims are handled efficiently and in accordance with local regulations.
    • Centralized Coordination: Our centralized claims management system allows for streamlined communication and coordination across different regions, ensuring consistency and accuracy in claims processing.
    • Tailored Solutions: We understand that each claim is unique, and we offer customized solutions to address the specific needs and complexities of international claims.
    • Proactive Risk Management: By identifying potential risks early and implementing proactive measures, we help minimize the impact of claims on your business operations.

    With our global reach and local expertise, we ensure that your claims are managed effectively, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence.

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