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Joining forces with Axis means aligning with a dynamic growth trajectory. Supported by over 150 insurance markets and our international broker network, our brokers get a competitive edge, leading to a diverse and robust portfolio. Our specialist practice areas span across major Canadian sectors, from Agribusiness to Life Sciences and Technology, ensuring that no matter your specialty, you retain the entrepreneurial spirit that drives your success.

We empower our partners with full-service internal resources, cutting-edge technology, and strong industry partnerships. Our integrated approach to policy management, billing, marketing, and sales sets the foundation for unparalleled success in our rapidly changing industry.

Strategic Advantages

Office Support 

Partnering with Axis provides comprehensive office support, including efficient policy management, streamlined billing, and administrative assistance. This support ensures operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on client relationships and growth.

Marketing Resources

Axis enhances your teams’s growth with a dedicated marketing and sales department. Our resources support both inbound and outbound lead generation, offering branded marketing strategies and sales process intelligence to boost your business profile.

Builder’s Culture

Axis embodies a builder’s culture marked by innovation, entrepreneurship, and progressive risk management. Our friendly, supportive environment fosters collaboration and creativity, ensuring you’re part of a team that values mutual success.

International Network 

As a member of the Assurex Global Network, Axis offers expansive international reach. This network connects you to a global community of over 700 insurance partners worldwide, ensuring our clients get best-in-class service anywhere in the world.

Cross-Selling Expertise

Benefit from our wide-ranging product expertise in areas from personal lines to life insurance and employee benefits. Axis’s cross-selling expertise allows for comprehensive service offerings, expanding your portfolio and enhancing client satisfaction.

Time Capital

Joining Axis reallocates your time capital from administrative burdens to result-driven activities. This shift allows you to concentrate on actions that directly contribute to your bottom line, enhancing efficiency and profitability for your book of business.

Assurex Global Partner

 As a member of Assurex Global, Axis Insurance leverages the world’s largest privately held commercial insurance and brokerage network, enhancing our global reach and local expertise. With over $40 billion in annual premium volume and 700+ partner offices worldwide, our partnership amplifies our capability to deliver unparalleled risk management and insurance solutions.

Our partnership with Assurex Global offers an unparalleled opportunity to grow your market presence with local and international firms, backed by a network of local expertise.

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Visionary Leadership

As CEO of Axis Insurance, my vision is to set the standard for best-in-class in the insurance industry. With over two decades of experience, I am committed to leading with a focus on strategic innovation, a culture of respect, and continuous improvement in our operations, financial stability, and customer service. My leadership style prioritizes empowering our team through coaching and embodying our core values, with a keen focus on strategic partnerships that align with our vision of transforming risk into opportunity for our clients.

Our industry-leading management team is dedicated to growth across Canada, employing a disciplined strategy to align with insurance professionals and sales leaders who share our vision of a best-in-class brokerage. Bolstered by substantial institutional financial backing, Axis remains at the forefront of innovative insurance solutions, ready to shape success in a dynamic market.

Alex Meier
President and C.E.O

“Joining forces with Axis was a game-changer; the transition was smooth, and now, with enhanced resources at our disposal, we’re poised to elevate our focus and scale to new heights in the aviation and aerospace sector.”

Maureen Crockett
National SVP, Aviation and Aerospace

Acquiring a leading aviation brokerage; BMG

In June 2022 Axis celebrated the integration of BMG Insurance Brokers, renowned for their expertise in aviation and aerospace risks, into our dynamic portfolio.

This strategic move significantly strengthened our leadership in the Aviation and Aerospace sector and highlights our dedication to crafting a best-in-class brokerage with deep industry insights.

The fabric of our culture connects our teams, while our unique practice group structure enables our brokers to lean into their expertise. This collaboration drives us towards new heights of excellence and ingenuity within the insurance sector.

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    The Magnes Group

    May 21, 2024
    Axis Insurance acquires Magnes Group, expanding its Canadian presence.


    O’Neill Group Global

    February 1, 2024
    Axis Insurance acquires O’Neill Group, expanding its life and benefits business.


    BMG Insurance Brokers

    June 8, 2022
    The acquisition of BMG positions Axis Insurance as a leader in Aviation and Aerospace insurance solutions.


    LMG Insurance Brokers

    February 1, 2022
    Axis Insurance amalgamates and launches a new brand, Axis Insurance.


    Metrix Professional Insurance Brokers

    February 1, 2022
    Axis Insurance amalgamates and launches a new brand, Axis Insurance.


    Bedrock Insurance Brokers

    December 1, 2022
    Axis acquires Bedrock Insurance Brokers, building a Construction & Real Estate practice.


    Shaw Sabey & Associates

    February 1, 2022
    Axis Insurance amalgamates and launches a new brand, Axis Insurance.


    Axis Insurance Managers

    November 9, 2016
    Vertical Group reveals acquisition of Axis Insurance managers.