We lean into risk, not steer away from it.

At Axis Insurance, we offer an expansive suite of commercial insurance services designed to meet the unique challenges of every business sector. From construction sites to manufacturing floors and corporate boardrooms, our policies are crafted to not only protect but also propel your business forward.

With a keen focus on client empowerment and market agility, our team at Axis delivers custom solutions that go beyond risk mitigation. By equipping businesses with strategic risk management tools and insights, we enable you to navigate uncertainties with confidence. Explore our services and discover how we can help you transform potential risks into opportunities for growth and success.

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  • Aviation & Aerospace

    Rise above uncertainty with precise coverage tailored for aviation and aerospace pioneers.

  • Construction

    Build solid foundations with comprehensive risk management for your construction business.

  • Energy

    Safeguarding natural resource operations with specialized coverage for a sustainable future.

  • International Business

    Protecting your interests from Calgary to Auckland, and everywhere between.

  • Life Sciences

    Keeping the wheels of commerce turning with tailored transportation insurance coverage.

  • Mining

    Unearthing insights and crafting robust protection for the dynamic mining industry.

  • Professional & Financial Services

    Protecting professional and financial service providers with precision and foresight.

  • Real Estate

    Securing your real estate ventures with bespoke insurance solutions to cover the bases.

  • Small Business Insurance

    Protecting small to medium-sized businesses with tailored insurance solutions for every industry.

  • Technology

    Keeping the wheels of commerce turning with tailored transportation insurance coverage.

  • Transportation

    Keeping the wheels of business turning with tailored transportation insurance solutions.

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