Shaping the Future of Insurance & Risk Management.

Axis Insurance stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the Canadian insurance marketplace. Our history, stretching back to 1928, is rich with partnerships and a dedication to growth. We are not just an insurance broker; we are committed to empowering our clients through an approach that combines expertise with a progressive outlook, ensuring every client receives solutions that are forward-thinking and grounded in experience.

Our unique organizational structure is crafted around specialized practice groups, each dedicated to key Canadian industries. This specialized focus allows us to offer nuanced insights and tailored solutions, effectively meeting the specific challenges and opportunities in various sectors.

At the core of our mission lies a guiding principle: we transform risk into avenues for opportunity and growth. We believe in strategically leaning into risk for business expansion, balanced by Canada’s best-in-class risk management.

Axis Insurance isn’t a box you tick, it’s a door you open.

Our Values

Our Values set us apart and pave the way to our mutual success.

Client Focus

Dedicated to nurturing relationships; prioritizing people is core to Axis Insurance.


Embracing a collaborative spirit, we believe unity in pursuit of excellence propels us further, together.


Committed to honesty and consistency, we uphold doing the right thing in all circumstances.


Accountable in every action, we strive to positively influence ourselves and others through responsibility and presence.


Continuously seeking improvement, we lead with creative solutions and stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape.


Striving for mastery in our field, we share our extensive knowledge, enhancing both our services and client experience.

Community Commitment

At Axis Insurance, our dedication to community involvement goes beyond business. We actively support and partner with local organizations, contributing to meaningful causes and making a tangible difference. Our community page showcases our ongoing efforts and partnerships, reflecting our deep commitment to the communities we serve.

Community Work

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated team behind Axis Insurance’s success. Our People page introduces you to the skilled professionals who embody our values and drive our commitment to excellence. Each of our team members play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions to our clients.

Our people

Join Our Team

Axis Insurance offers a vibrant and dynamic workplace where growth, collaboration, and innovation are at the forefront. Our Careers page details current openings and provides insight into the rewarding career paths available with us. Discover how you can contribute to our legacy of insurance excellence and be a part of a team that values progress and individual development.