Drones may be a relatively recent phenomenon, but that hasn’t stopped Skyasky Inc., a drone flight school, from opening the country’s first drone museum in Osaka, Japan.

Visitors aren’t just treated to the history of drones, they’re able to interact with them. According to The Japan Times, Drone Museum Horie opened in December, and features a wide range of drones on sale and display.

There are reportedly 16 types of UAVs from around the world on display, ranging from industrial drones from New Zealand in 2011, to modern UAVs that interact with the user’s smartphone. The range demonstrates visually how far drones have come in a very short period of time.

According to The Japan Times, the building is two stories tall, with ceilings high enough to provide room for indoor flight, even for beginners. They plan to begin hosting lectures and lessons in the future.

Even better, entry to the museum is free. “I hope people will stop by freely since it is located in Minamihorie  a hub of fancy cafes and boutiques  and become more familiar with drones,” museum head Mei Watanabe told The Japan Times.