Though the beauty industry may be glamourous, there are real hazards for those who choose a career in cosmetology. In fact, exposure to certain chemicals can increase the risk of serious health conditions.

Potentially dangerous products include the following:

  • Hair dyes
  • Bleaches
  • Permanent wave solutions
  • Shampoos
  • Hair styling agents
  • Nail and skin care products
  • Straightening products
  • Brow and lash tints
  • Chemical peels
  • Peroxides
  • Wax solvents
  • Disinfectants in cleaning products

Unprotected exposure to these chemicals can cause the following reactions:

This general term refers to inflammation of the skin; however, it can signify either an irritant reaction to chemicals or a more serious allergic reaction.

Chemicals common in hairdressing and nail services may aggravate pre-existing asthmatic conditions or even cause occupational asthma.

Though there is limited data to support this claim, some products used in the cosmetology industry are suspected to cause cancer.

Hazardous chemicals can enter the body through the skin, through inhalation or by swallowing. The following factors affect how you will react:

  • Toxicity of the substance
  • Amount of the substance that you are exposed to
  • Length of exposure
  • Frequency of exposure
  • Route of entry into the body

Assess Your Risks
Read the safety data sheets (SDS) for all chemicals that you work with on the job. These sheets provide information on how to properly handle, store and discard potentially hazardous chemicals.

The SDS also provides information on what to do if you or a co-worker is exposed to the chemical and has a bad reaction. Do not take any chances on your health. Read and understand the SDS, and ask your supervisor for clarification if you do not understand the directions.

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