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Commercial Insurance

The world of commercial insurance can be complex. For every type of company – from a small retail business to a multi-national corporation – insurance needs are different. There are a huge number of policies available and an equally bewildering number of policy extensions and wordings which can tailor the coverage to suit your particular business.

At Axis Insurance Managers we are able to work with your company to build insurance coverage which is personalised to your exact requirements. That way we will be able to ensure that your insurance coverage is not only perfectly suited to your needs, but that you are getting value for money – both in terms of coverage limits and the premiums you pay.

"Axis has taken care of our business insurance needs for 10 years. They are exceptionally talented and this was particularly evident when we had to insure one of our overseas divisions. It got very complicated, very quickly. Axis was not only able to navigate the foreign requirements, and meet them, but also explain the whole structure in simple and understandable language. They are a great asset to have on your side."

Bob Potter, CEO, TradeBytes Data Corp.

Personal Insurance

We know that insurance can be boring. We also know that it can be complex and bewildering. However, we pride ourselves in getting you the best coverage and giving you excellent value for money. We promise to explain everything in plain English so you can be sure of what you’re buying.

We’ll never recommend insurance that you don’t need or wouldn’t benefit from and we always put our customers first. Whether you’re insuring your home or its contents, looking for auto insurance (including ICBC) or planning a trip away, we have the policies and the expertise you need. And best of all, we’re only a phone call or email away. Just let us know how we can help and we’ll leap into action.

"Several years ago life threw a curve ball during a particularly cold winter. One of the house pipes froze, cracked and spewed gallons of water. The damage was extensive and involved pulling away plasterboard, floorboards and so much more.Thankfully, I had insured the house and contents under Axis Insurance Managers Inc. The care they extended us in providing temporary accommodation and their responsiveness was second to none. We were in safe hands and it was clear to us that the annual premiums to Axis Insurance Managers Inc. had paid dividends."

Penny Levitt, Homeowner

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