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At Axis Insurance, we specialize in providing comprehensive insurance solutions for the real estate sector. Our expertise covers everything from commercial properties and residential complexes to development projects and property management. We understand the unique risks associated with real estate and are dedicated to offering customized coverage that protects your investments and supports your growth. With our innovative approach and deep industry knowledge, we help you navigate challenges and turn potential risks into opportunities for success.

Leading our Real Estate Practice

We understand how to provide service in the fast pace environment in which our clients work. Our clients get an insurance advisor that goes with them every step of the way on the road to success.

Roland Waldmeier
Senior Vice President, National Practice Leader
Construction & Real Estate

Office & Retail

Navigating the dynamic landscape of office and retail real estate requires specialized insurance solutions. At Axis Insurance, we provide tailored coverage designed to address the unique risks faced by office buildings, shopping centers, and retail stores. Our goal is to protect your assets and ensure the continuity of your operations, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.

Key focus areas include:

  • High Foot Traffic: Increased liability risks due to the volume of visitors and customers.
  • Tenant Mix: Diverse tenants with varying needs and risk profiles, requiring customized insurance approaches.
  • Property Management: Ensuring seamless operations and maintenance to prevent losses and damages.
  • Market Fluctuations: Adapting to economic changes that impact rental income and property values.

Industrial & Warehouses

In the industrial and warehouse sector, managing risk is crucial to maintaining operational efficiency and protecting valuable assets. Axis Insurance offers specialized insurance solutions tailored to the unique demands of industrial properties and warehouses. We understand the complexities of insuring large-scale operations, including the need to safeguard against equipment breakdowns, inventory loss, and potential business interruptions. Our expertise ensures that your industrial facilities are well-protected, allowing you to focus on optimizing productivity and growth.

With our comprehensive approach, we address the specific challenges faced by industrial and warehouse properties, such as fire hazards, environmental liabilities, and logistical risks. Our team works closely with you to identify potential vulnerabilities and implement effective risk management strategies. By providing robust coverage and proactive support, we help you navigate the uncertainties of the industrial sector, ensuring your operations remain resilient and your investments secure.

    Multi-unit residential

    Managing multi-unit residential properties presents unique challenges that require specialized insurance solutions. At Axis Insurance, we offer comprehensive coverage designed to protect landlords and property managers from the various risks associated with apartment complexes, condominiums, and other multi-family dwellings. Our expertise ensures that your investments are safeguarded, allowing you to provide a secure and comfortable living environment for your tenants.

    • Tenant Liability: Coverage for potential liability claims arising from tenant injuries or property damage.
    • Property Damage: Protection against damages caused by fire, water, and other unforeseen events.
    • Loss of Rental Income: Financial protection to cover lost income during periods of significant repairs or rebuilds.

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