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In the fast-paced and precision-critical world of aviation, the broking team at Axis stands as your stalwart partner, navigating through the complexities of risk transfer and insurance with adeptness and foresight.

Our team, rich in sector-specific expertise, crafts insurance solutions that are as innovative as the clients we serve. We recognize the unique challenges of this high-stakes industry, where every decision can impact safety, compliance, and financial stability. Whether it is addressing your direct operational risks, potential liabilities, or evolving cyber and geopolitical risks, we will elevate your risk management to new heights.

Rely on us to create your customized insurance program, ensuring your aviation endeavours are backed with confidence and security.

Leading our Aviation & Aerospace Practice

Our focus will always be on you, our client, on delivering insurance solutions constructed to address your specific needs and wants. In selecting Axis as your broker, you will always have a voice, you will always be informed, and you will always have a choice.

Maureen Crockett, CAIB
Senior Vice President & National Practice Leader, Aviation & Aerospace

Commercial Aircraft & Aviation Services

Specialized insurance solutions crafted for commercial aviation, encompassing a wide range of coverage options for everything from single aircraft to extensive fleets, our team is skilled in addressing the unique and evolving insurance demands of the aviation industry.

As one of Canada’s most respected specialist broking teams, we access the domestic and international market as needed, and as a national, independent broking firm, we are uniquely positioned to serve all aspects of commercial aviation, including but not limited to:

  • Airline; international, regional and charter operations
  • Air tanker and specialized aerial operations
  • General fixed wing
  • Helicopters
  • Business aircraft – industrial aid, corporate charter, and management
  • Drones/ & UAVs

Design & Manufacturing

We tailor our specialized insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients operating in the aerospace sector, encompassing a diverse range of entities. We understand the critical importance of supporting innovation within this rapidly advancing field, and your coverage must be designed to protect against the specific risks associated with your business. Whether your focus is on designing and manufacturing the next generation of aircraft, or providing associated product services, we will work to ensure that your ventures are safeguarded with a comprehensive insurance program.

As the aerospace industry continues to push the boundaries of technology and exploration, the risk profile also evolves. In addressing these complexities head-on, we represent you, with knowledge of industry dynamics and regulatory standards, we take the worry away.

    Airports & Airport Services

    A comprehensive insurance program forms the backbone of support for those operating airports and the service providers who keep things moving. Our insurance solutions are meticulously designed to consider the intricate risks involved, from the complexities of supply chain dynamics to technical operations, and regulatory compliance, we will look to ensure your business is protected.

    We will construct your insurance program to support the pace of operational demands within your business and that of the aviation industry. From potential third-party liabilities to physical damage claims and more, we will work to build you a robust safety net.

      Private Aircraft

      Insurance policies designed for private aviation must cater to the unique needs of personal aircraft owners. Our dedicated private aviation team will work diligently to ensure your policy addresses the nuances of private flying, be it protection for potential liability claims, or to cover losses for physical damage to your aircraft and its equipment. Experience peace of mind knowing that our insurance solutions are formed to protect you and your investment. With an understanding of the responsibility involved in private aviation, we will work to secure you the insurance you need, allowing you to enjoy the skies with confidence and assurance.

        Partnerships & Associations

        HAC helps to promote a political and regulatory environment that fosters a prosperous Canadian Helicopter industry.

        Since 1934, ATAC has been the voice of Canadian commercial aviation in Ottawa.

        The Northern Air Transport Association represents northern air carriers in the decision-making process affecting transportation in Northern Canada.

        Our Aviation & Aerospace Team