Brian Julien

Senior Vice President, Aviation & Aerospace


I am Brian Julien, a Senior Vice President in the Aviation & Aerospace division at Axis Insurance. With a career spanning 30 years in the insurance industry, with my business partners and team, we built one of Canada’s top aviation specialist brokerages, trusted advisors to many of Canada’s most dynamic aviation businesses., a company purchased by Axis in 2022. The continued success and expansion of our aviation portfolio and the trust instilled by our clients reflects our ability to understand and navigate the unique aspect of aviation insurance.

My expertise lies in crafting risk management solutions that resonate with the dynamic needs of our clients. This focus has been pivotal in fostering robust relationships with key industry players, helping to elevate Axis as a market leader in aviation insurance.

I am an aircraft owner and private fixed wing pilot myself. This personal passion for aviation fuels my professional drive, ensuring that my guidance is not just informed by industry knowledge, but also by a genuine understanding of a pilot’s and operator’s perspective.

Brian’s Team