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Motor vehicle accidents happen every day but the probability of accidents happening can be reduced by prudent management of risk.

Whatever the analysis suggests as Best Practice for your company, it is important that it becomes part of your corporate policies and procedures. Employees should know what cover to accept and which to decline and how to make payment when they are renting a vehicle. There should also be a standard process for reporting claims:


Companies should review the risks to employees renting vehicles to ensure that employees are not put in potentially dangerous situations. Examples:

  1. Taking a flight that is arriving late at night and then renting a car for an extended drive

  2. Driving in remote areas alone at night or in poor weather conditions

  3. Driving in areas prone to carjacking or car theft

  4. Driving when the trip is packed with meetings and visits and the itinerary is particularly stressful causing the employee to be distracted and at greater risk of an accident.

  5. Is there an opportunity to take a taxi or hire a driver? When considering the cost of alternative transport, consider the total cost, including the potential losses noted above.


Companies and individuals always have choices to make on how business is conducted, for example: the amount of time allotted and the mode chosen to get from point A to point B. When considering these scenarios, some questions can be asked:


1. Are there other options to meetings that place our employees at less risk, are just as effective and are a more efficient use of time?

2. Can we plan better so that, if an employee must rent a vehicle, they are well rested, able to drive and fully prepared with a preplanned route, itinerary, etc.?

3. If an employee must travel tired, do we explore an option of hiring a driver or staying at the airport hotel until morning?

4. Are there particular countries or cities where we would not permit an employee to rent/drive a vehicle?

5. What are the variables we should consider when we look at the total cost to rent a vehicle?


Injury to Employees

First party injury to the employee: provincial medical plans, workers compensation, Corporate Programs medical benefits, short-term or long-term disability. In the event of death, CPP and corporate programs such as death benefits and life insurance, etc.


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It’s important that proper insurance policies are in place for scenarios like this. This list is not exhaustive and there are a variety of other insurance coverages that mining companies need in order to address all the risks they face and prevent losses. Download our free guidebook “Axis Mining – Rented Vehicle Insurance & Risk Management Guide” here to find out how you can protect your company’s assets: