plumbing contractors work

Plumbing is an essential service that can save residential and commercial customers alike from inconvenience nightmares when they experience plumbing issues. Given the state of the global pandemic and most people being confined to a single living and working space, plumbing contractors are needed more than ever to fix customers’ plumbing should an issue arise.

However, plumbing contractors have to also be aware of protecting their own selves from risks that could lead to potential legal action or asset losses when they are at work.

Check out some of the risk categories and their considerations that plumbing contractors should always keep in mind while working:


General Property:

  • Is the roof in good repair with no visible water intrusion marks?
  • Is the electrical wiring in good repair?
  • If hot work is completed on-site, is it done in a designated area?
  • Are there Class ABC fire extinguishers in the shop and office?


Sprinkler System:

  • Is the sprinkler system installed and designed for the hazard?
  • Are employees trained on what to do if a sprinkler is ever damaged and opens?
  • Are sprinkler riser valves supervised?


Premises and Operations:

  • Does the property have adequate smoke and carbon monoxide alarms?
  • Are visitors kept out of restricted and hazardous areas?
  • Are water spills cleaned up immediately?


Completed Operations:

  • Is there a system in place that pairs less experienced plumbers with more experienced ones?
  • Is there a program for inspecting leaks while work is going on?
  • Are suppliers evaluated?



Find out more:

Assessing your exposures and taking the appropriate precautions can go a long way toward protecting your business. Download our “Loss Control Questionnaire: Plumbing Contractors” guide for an in-depth list of more ways to protect your plumbing business: