Axis Insurance is excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with OctoAI, developer of the Eli Report platform, to simplify and increase accessibility for buying condominium, strata or multi-family community insurance for consumers.

For more information please visit: View OctoAi Press Release

We’re excited to announce Axis Insurance is now an investing partner of Goose Insurance Services, the company behind the self-serve insurance super app that allow customers across the United States and Canada to purchase over 19 different insurance policies including travel, renters, pet, critical illness, and term life insurance.

Axis’ President & CEO, Alex Meier, believes Goose is a game changer that will bridge the gap and increase accessibility for underserved customers who have limited access to important insurance protection. “Traditional insurance providers tend to focus on middle to high-net-worth customers and larger premium products because of their cost structure. This leaves over 200 million customers with little-to-no access to important insurance protection.” Alex goes on to explain.

For more information please visit: The Financial Post

Alex Meier
President and C.E.O.

Alex Meier is the CEO and President of Axis Insurance. Since taking on this role in 2010, his journey has been focused on steering our company towards a vision of being unparalleled in the insurance industry. This involves a meticulous approach to strategic planning, fostering a culture that thrives on respect and thought leadership, and constantly refining our goals to enhance our culture, financial stability, and customer experience.