Alex Meier

President and Chief Executive Officer

Axis Senior Management

I’m Alex Meier, the CEO and President of Axis Insurance. Since taking on this role in 2010, my journey has focused on steering our company towards being unparalleled in the insurance industry. This involves strategic planning, fostering a culture of respect and thought leadership, and refining our goals to enhance culture, financial stability, and customer experience.

My career spans over two decades, with 16 years as a Senior Vice President at InsureBC Group before founding Axis Insurance. My leadership style is rooted in coaching, mentoring, and exemplifying our core values, nurturing a high-performance team by empowering individuals to engage in work that ignites their passion. At Axis, I prioritize strategic decisions that align with our operational goals and turn risk into opportunity, reflecting my passion for building strategic partnerships and driving growth.

Beyond the office, I am a devoted family man, sports enthusiast, and advocate for staying active. My commitment to continuous learning and personal growth reflects my belief in being the best version of oneself. I also dedicate time to supporting various charities and helping others in their personal journeys, balancing professional aspirations with personal interests in a holistic approach to life and leadership.

Alex’s Team