Bjorn Ostlund

National Senior Vice President, Energy, Resources, & Renewables

Natural Resources

Hi, I’m Bjorn Ostlund. As the Senior Vice President of Energy, Resources, and Renewables at Axis, I leverage over 30 years of global experience in the energy, power, and mining sectors. With a background in economics and finance from Clarkson University and multiple professional insurance licenses, I specialize in strategic and innovative risk management.

Throughout my career, I’ve successfully managed high-value construction projects, including offshore platform constructions like the Hibernia project, valued between $600 million to $12 billion. I’ve overseen power plant projects worth up to $1.2 billion, as well as substantial pipeline and windfarm constructions. These experiences have honed my skills in risk management and established my reputation as a leader who effectively navigates complex risks in high-stake environments.

At Axis Insurance, I align our clients’ risk management strategies with their growth and innovation goals. By utilizing my deep industry knowledge and extensive network, I provide clients with advanced tools and insights to transform operational risks into opportunities for success.

Outside of work, I enjoy golf, hiking, and volunteering, bringing a balanced and energetic perspective to my professional endeavors.

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