Cameryn Dao

Account Manager


I’m Cameryn Dao, an Account Manager at Axis Insurance, where I’ve been shaping opportunities into successes since 2021. With over 13 years in the insurance industry, my experience has equipped me with in-depth knowledge and expertise, particularly in General Insurance and sectors like Construction, Contractors, and Real Estate. My role involves a robust understanding of the unique risks and needs in these areas, enabling me to provide tailored insurance solutions that not only protect but also empower businesses to expand confidently.

My recent accomplishment of obtaining my RIBO certification in 2024 further underscores my commitment to professional growth and excellence. This achievement enhances my ability to serve our clients with the highest standards of knowledge and integrity. At Axis, we thrive on turning risks into growth opportunities. My approach focuses on closely collaborating with clients to identify and manage potential risks, guiding them through complexities to achieve their business aspirations. This philosophy aligns seamlessly with Axis’s vision of transforming risks into pivotal success moments for our clients.

Outside of work, I am passionate about health and fitness, exploring new cuisines and wines, and immersing myself in the vibrant energy of festivals. Cycling allows me to discover new places and maintain balance, complementing my professional life with a rich personal one.

Cameryn’s Team