Irene Lee

Vice President, Broking Services & Account Administration

Axis Market Placement
Axis Senior Management

I’m Irene Lee, the Vice President of Broking Services & Account Administration at Axis Insurance. With over two decades in the insurance sector and joining Axis in 2014, I oversee our Broking Services and Account Administration department. My role spans across Commercial and Personal Lines support, Market Management, and Internal Control and Compliance, aligning these elements to bolster our service efficacy and strategic market positioning.

In my tenure, I’ve been instrumental in steering our department toward significant growth and success. This success stems from a proactive approach to navigating risks and enhancing operational efficiencies, reflecting Axis Insurance’s commitment to transforming risks into growth opportunities for our clients. My focus on meticulous risk assessment and comprehensive support empowers our clients to thrive in dynamic markets, embodying our vision that well-managed risks pave the way for substantial success.

Outside the office, I cherish spending quality time with my family, traveling to new destinations, skiing and paddle boarding. These activities not only enrich my personal life but also invigorate my professional endeavours.

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