Laurel Miller

Account Executive, Non-profit & General Commercial


Hello, I’m Laurel Miller, an Account Executive at Axis Insurance, where I’ve been helping shape client success since January 2010. Bringing over 45 years of experience to the table, I specialize in General Insurance, encompassing a wide array of sectors with particular depth in Non-Profits/Union business and construction. My comprehensive approach stems from years of diverse client engagements, ensuring tailored strategies that address specific industry risks.

My career in insurance is highlighted by significant credentials including CRM and CAIB designations, along with my entrepreneurial venture where I owned and operated a brokerage in North Vancouver for 15 years during the late ’80s to ’90s. These experiences have not only refined my expertise but also enhanced my leadership qualities, driving meaningful contributions within our team and for our clients.

Outside of work, my life is filled with active and engaging hobbies. I play hockey, immerse myself in home renovation projects alongside my sons, and enjoy gardening and hiking. Cooking, particularly smoking and barbecuing, is something I also enjoy.

Laurel ‘s Team