Sasha Spasojevic

Account Executive, Agribusiness


Hello, I’m Sasha Spasojevic, an Account Executive at Axis Insurance, where I’ve been contributing to the team since 2011. My journey in the insurance industry spans over 28 years, with a diverse range of expertise that includes Forestry, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Cannabis, and Real Estate. These sectors demand a deep understanding of both broad and niche market dynamics, a challenge I happy to take on.

My professional background includes a CIP designation and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Simon Fraser University. These qualifications have enabled me to not only understand but also anticipate the economic factors influencing the industry industry, and how that will affect my clients and their industries. One of my notable achievements at Axis is launching our Cannabis Program, which required a strategic approach to navigating this emerging and complex industry, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive and compliant coverage.

Outside of my professional life, I am committed to health education, with a specific focus on the pillars of food, sleep, and physical/mental exercise. I am also an avid football (soccer) fan and player.

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