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Thomas O’Neill

President, O’Neill Group

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I’m Thomas O’Neill, Founder and President of O’Neill Group, now part of Axis. Since starting my practice in 1985, I’ve dedicated myself to providing unparalleled expertise in life insurance and financial planning. My role involves collaborating with industry professionals to craft innovative solutions that meet both personal and corporate objectives. Over the years, I’ve cultivated strong relationships with clients, ensuring their insurance, group benefits, pension, and investment needs are met with precision and foresight.

With nearly four decades of experience, I’ve guided clients through complex financial landscapes, helping them embrace opportunities and navigate risks. My commitment to excellence has not only earned respect in my field but also allowed our clients to confidently grow and secure their futures. I take pride in fostering an environment where risks are transformed into avenues for success.

Outside the office, I’m an avid wine enthusiast with a diverse cellar showcasing global selections. As a member of the Commanderie de Bordeaux in Vancouver, I relish exploring Europe’s hidden wine treasures annually. This passion for discovery parallels my professional drive to uncover the best solutions for our clients.

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