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In the precision-critical world of private aviation, Axis Insurance is your steadfast partner, expertly navigating the complexities of risk and insurance. Our client-focused approach ensures you receive tailored insurance solutions that address your specific needs. With Axis as your broker, you will always be informed, have a voice, and maintain control over your choices.

Our team’s sector-specific expertise allows us to craft innovative insurance solutions for the unique challenges of private aviation. We understand the importance of safety, compliance, and financial stability, providing comprehensive coverage for liability exposures, operational risks, and evolving threats.

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We pride ourselves on maintaining direct and open communication with our clients, staying engaged with their private and business aviation needs, ensuring that they are involved and informed throughout every step of the insurance and risk review process.

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Hull and Liability Insurance

Hull and Liability Insurance is essential for private aircraft owners, providing comprehensive protection against a range of risks.

Hull insurance covers physical damage to your aircraft, whether from accidents, weather events, or vandalism. Liability insurance safeguards you from legal claims if your aircraft causes injury or property damage to third parties. Together, these coverages ensure that you can operate your private aircraft with confidence, knowing you are financially protected against unforeseen incidents.

  • Comprehensive Hull Coverage: Protects your aircraft against physical damage from accidents, weather, and vandalism.
  • Third-Party Liability Protection: Covers legal claims for injury or property damage caused by your aircraft.
  • Passenger Liability Coverage: Ensures financial protection against claims from passengers in case of injury during a flight.
  • Worldwide Coverage Options: Offers flexibility to cover your aircraft wherever you fly, ensuring global protection.

Pilot and Crew Insurance

Pilot and Crew Insurance is designed to protect the individuals who operate and maintain private aircraft. This specialized coverage includes personal accident insurance, loss of license insurance, and liability protection tailored to the unique needs of aviation professionals. Ensuring the safety and financial security of pilots and crew members is crucial for the smooth operation of private aircraft, providing peace of mind for both the crew and the aircraft owner.

  • Personal Accident Insurance: Provides financial protection for pilots and crew in case of injury or accident during flight operations.
  • Loss of License Coverage: Offers compensation if a pilot or crew member loses their license due to medical reasons, ensuring financial stability.
  • Crew Liability Protection: Covers legal expenses and liabilities arising from the actions of pilots and crew members while performing their duties.
  • Medical and Health Benefits: Ensures comprehensive health coverage, including medical evacuation and emergency medical expenses.

Charter and Rental Insurance

Charter and Rental Insurance is crucial for private aircraft owners who lease their aircraft for charter services. This coverage provides comprehensive protection, including passenger liability, hull insurance for rented aircraft, and loss of income protection. It addresses the unique risks associated with charter operations, ensuring that both the aircraft owner and their clients are well-protected against unforeseen incidents, allowing for smooth and secure rental operations.

  • Passenger Liability Coverage: Protects against legal claims from passengers for injuries sustained during charter flights.
  • Hull Insurance for Rented Aircraft: Covers physical damage to the aircraft during rental operations, ensuring the owner is not financially burdened by repairs.
  • Loss of Income Protection: Compensates for lost rental income if the aircraft is out of service due to a covered event.
  • Comprehensive Risk Coverage: Extends protection to non-collision incidents such as theft, vandalism, and natural disasters, ensuring complete security for chartered operations.

This insurance solution provides peace of mind for private aircraft owners, ensuring their investment is protected and their charter operations run smoothly and securely.

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