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Every company works hard to deliver the very best to its clients so they stay happy and satisfied. We all try to ensure our work keeps our clients returning and builds our reputations. However, should something go wrong, your clients can turn to legal action to correct those mistakes, or seek compensation for them.

Whether you’re a mortgage broker or real estate agent, architect or engineer, advertising agency or marketing company, caterer or landscape gardener, you are at risk of litigation if you or your employees make a mistake or your services fall below your clients’ expectations.

When inadvertent errors are made it can be really bad news for a business – both to its reputation and to its finances. But sometimes the claim against the company can be frivolous or malicious. Either way there is a long and expensive litigation process to follow which may or may not lead to a settlement as well as the legal costs.

Having Errors and Omissions coverage from Axis Insurance as part of your insurance portfolio means you can protect your business while getting on with your work.

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