Chris Jones

Account Executive, Life Sciences & Technology

Life Sciences

Hello, I’m Chris Jones, an Account Executive specializing in Life Sciences & Technology here at Axis Insurance. With over 17 years in the insurance industry, I joined Axis Insurance in 2011, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. My expertise lies in managing technical risks, particularly in sectors such as manufacturing and the ever-evolving technology industry. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills to provide tailored insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of clients in these dynamic fields.

One of my significant achievements includes obtaining my undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria and earning the prestigious CAIB designation, showcasing my commitment to continuous learning and professional development. I am passionate about enabling clients to embrace risk as a catalyst for growth and success. By offering strategic insurance solutions that empower businesses to navigate uncertainties with confidence, I embody Axis Insurance’s vision of shaping success through risk management.

Beyond the office, you can often find me unwinding on the golf course.

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