mining transportation

Given the amount of overseas work mining corporations need to conduct, it’s important that they have proper insurance coverage for transportation systems and vehicles.

Transportation will be needed for machinery, cargo, staff, specialists, and many other operations’ needs. As such, there can be a number of risks and liabilities that mining companies need to consider in order to maintain smooth sailing of their operations and mitigate losses.

Here are a few key considerations for transportation-related exposures and liabilities:



Two insurance policies that mining corporations should have for automobile transportation are Automobile Insurance and Non-owned Automobile Insurance. Both these policies can cover certain liabilities for owned/operated licensed automobiles as well as owned/rented vehicles.

It should also be worth looking into overseas jurisdictions coverage. In these cases, most coverage will be purchased locally at the overseas destination for owned vehicles.



Marine insurance policies will be needed for watercraft exposures. Key considerations to take note of would be for hull and machinery, marine cargo risks, and drilling barges.

A separate Marine Insurance policy coverage will need to be purchased in order to specifically cover watercraft-related liabilities and risks. These are important assets to ensure you have proper coverage for as the losses as a result of their damages/issues can be costly.


Special Shipments & Transit:

The exposures that need to be covered include buildings and contents you own or are responsible for insuring.

For example, are there any samples that will be in transit or at shows and exhibitions? What are the special shipments and deliveries your company will be responsible for carrying and transporting?

Consider getting policies such as Miscellaneous Property Insurance and Trip Transit Insurance for proper coverage of special shipment and transit goods.


Aviation (Helicopter):

Along with other methods of transport such as automobiles and watercraft, aircraft such as helicopters may also be utilized. In which case, there are key factors to consider such as:

  • Have you built helicopter pads and/or landing strips?
  • Do you service or maintain any helicopter or fixed wing landing facilities?
  • Will you store equipment, machinery, or other goods at any airport premises or landing facility?
  • Will you be flying anyone such as analysts into your projects? If so, have you prepared waivers for them to sign?


This list is not exhaustive and there are a variety of other insurance coverages that mining companies need in order to address all the risks they face and prevent losses. Download our free guidebook “Mining and Mineral Exploration Insurance Guide” here to find out how you can protect your company’s assets: