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Technology & Life Sciences Insurance

The digital world changes at breakneck speed. From mobile devices and tablet computers to PCs and servers, technology, and the way it is consumed is changing all the time. Whether you’re a hardware manufacturer or reseller, a software design company or an IT consultant, you are exposed to a wide variety of risks – both on and offline.

What if your company lost a huge amount of vital data? Or one of your products caused your customers to suffer financial loss or loss of productivity? And how would you be protected if your company was negligent in allowing someone else’s data to be stolen? The lawsuits you could face would be complex and time consuming – as well as incredibly expensive to fight. That makes technology insurance an increasingly crucial asset.

Many high-tech companies purchase a range of insurance products to mitigate these risks. However, it is important that this is done carefully and with the help of the right broker due to the complex nature of the risks and the associated coverage. For example, there are major coverage enhancements available for little or no additional cost which are often missed or you may be paying over the odds for insurance which can be purchased more cost-effectively. Axis Insurance has many years of experience creating insurance coverage for high tech companies and can create a program tailored specifically for your needs.

Blockchain Insurance

Digital assets, mainly Blockchains and cryptocurrency, have become increasingly sought after commodities in recent years and continues to grow at a rapid pace. But as this burgeoning sector continues to grow, the risks around developing it will grow with it. As such, any serious investor will ensure they not only add these essential block-chain based digital assets to their investment portfolios, but also properly insure them too. Obtaining insurance that will protect against loss means investors can rest assured knowing they will continue to benefit from this fast-growing asset. That’s why you need an experienced broker who understands your business and can find and place the right blockchain insurance for your technology company.

ICO Insurance

ICOs, or initial coin offerings, enable start-ups to circumvent the rigorous capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks. But in doing so, they are exposed to uncertain risks that many other financial companies are not. From a risk management perspective, the profile of ICOs are largely untested by insurance markets, making the risk difficult to place. That’s why you need an experienced broker who understands your business to find and place the right ICO insurance for your technology company.

Axis Insurance has the experience and expertise to help you find the right coverage.

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