Mental Health Week 2021

Mental Health Week in Canada is May 3-9, 2021. As part of our commitment to supporting our employees’ mental health and wellbeing, Axis Insurance Group encourages everyone to become comfortable with expressing their true feelings.


Let’s get real.

This year’s theme for Mental Health Week is #GetReal, which encourages us all to embrace our true feelings. Rather than be uncomfortably numb, we must get real about how we truly feel inside. In times of anxiety and stress, mental health should be something that we must protect and become more in tune with.


When we can put our heavy feelings into words, when we are able to voice our emotions, the pain will give way. It’s important to be willing to be vulnerable, understand, and name our feelings. Whether we are feeling happy, angry, sad, frustrated, or anxious, all emotions and feelings are good.


In particular, emotions such as anger and sadness can be difficult to acknowledge. Oftentimes it feels easier to numb them or push them aside, because we don’t want to feel those particular emotions. However, it’s important to name, express, and deal with all emotions, both the ones we like and the ones we don’t. Our mental health is protected and honoured when we can acknowledge all emotions and understand that all emotions are valid.


With the impact of the pandemic, mental health concerns have risen to an all-time high and many people feel an overwhelming amount of emotions and are unsure of how to make sense of them, thus defaulting to pushing them aside rather than trying to understand and make sense of them. Indeed, emotions can be a struggle to understand, and with the added stigma that typically surrounds mental health and emotions, many people will feel it uncomfortable to try to be vulnerable and express our emotions. But we must realize that’s it’s okay not to feel okay.


When we get real with our true feelings, we allow ourselves to become more comfortable with our mental health and who we are.


There are many resources available from the Canadian Mental Health Association that can help you #GetReal about how you really feel. The Axis Insurance Group encourages everyone to support each other on our mental health journeys by learning to name our feelings rather than numbing our feelings.


So let’s get real about our feelings.

#GetReal #MentalHealthWeek2021