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Systems & Administration

Epic Quality Assurance Manager

About Laura Syrenne:

“Laura is the Quality Assurance Manager for the Epic System, where she is in charge of training and support, workflows, and quality assurance. With over 13 years of experience in Commercial Insurance and being passionate about technology, efficiency, standardized processes, and supporting employees, Laura specializes in process design, documentation, and insurance software.

As the winner of Axis Groups Innovation Award in 2019, Laura lives and breathes the idea of not doing things for traditions sake, but rather to be open to diverse ideas and perspectives and challenging ways that dont work in order to innovate and grow. She is motivated by being able to make a change that improves a persons workday as well as hearing someones excitement when they learn something new.

Always wanting to hear new ideas, Laura hopes that people can feel supported, listened to, empathized with, and know that they can share their ideas with ease and no fear of judgement.

Some of Lauras most memorable experiences include the Applied Epic Implementation for Axis Group in 2019, as well as living abroad in Sydney, Australia for 2 years (2009-2011). Laura was also the Operations Manager at Zurich Insurance and the recipient of Zurich Insurance Companys Bronze Award in 2012.