Amanda Bento

Account Manager, Personal Insurance & Private Client

Personal Insurance
Private Client

Hello, I’m Amanda Bento, an Account Manager at Axis Insurance, where I’ve been helping our clients navigate their insurance needs since May 2022. With a decade of experience in the insurance industry that started in 2013, I specialize in Personal Lines, Private Client services, Hard to Place risks, and Personal Watercraft. These areas require a deep understanding of the unique and sometimes challenging needs of our clients, ensuring they receive bespoke coverage that fits their situation.

Currently working towards completing my CAIB designation, my journey in the insurance industry has been fuelled by a commitment to continuous learning and development. This dedication not only enhances my professional skills but also ensures I can offer the most current and effective solutions to our clients.

Outside of the office, I’m an avid trail runner and hiker, always eager to explore new paths and landscapes. This passion for adventure extends to spending quality time with my children, discovering the beauty of nature together.

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