Jamie Saunders

Account Executive, General Commercial & Life Sciences

General Commercial
Life Sciences

I’m Jamie Saunders, an Account Executive at Axis Insurance. I’ve been part of this industry for over a decade, having started with Shaw Sabey in 2012, which later became part of Axis. My focus is on providing specialized insurance solutions for Non-Profits and Life Science Companies, leveraging my comprehensive background in these sectors to assist our clients in navigating their unique risks.

My academic foundation in business was laid at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, equipping me with a robust understanding of commerce that has been essential in my role. Recognized twice with Axis’ peer-nominated ‘client-centric’ award, I am committed to delivering exceptional service and tailored strategies that help our clients thrive by embracing opportunities that others might view as risks. This approach not only supports their growth but also aligns perfectly with our vision at Axis Insurance, where understanding and managing risk shapes the path to success.

Outside the office, I’m an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying tennis, golf, and skiing. I also cherish my time hiking, camping, and traveling.

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