World Humanitarian Day 2021-1

World Humanitarian Day is August 19, 2021. For this year’s theme, the United Nations encourages participation in the global challenge for climate action in solidarity with the people who need it most in the world.



This year’s theme for World Humanitarian Day is #TheHumanRace, which encourages us all to recognize how our actions can affect the entire human race as a whole, particularly in regards to the global crisis of climate change.


As the climate emergency wreaks havoc across the world, this causes more risk and threats for those who work on the front lines and in the humanitarian community. Not only this, but those in the world who are the most vulnerable yet have contributed the least to global climate change are impacted the most as they continue to lose their homes, livelihoods, and lives.


Therefore, it’s important to recognize the global climate emergency and the long-term impact our everyday actions can have on the world. World leaders need to be reminded of their pledges to fighting climate change and be dedicated to initiatives towards taking climate action.


The United Nations invites everyone to join #TheHumanRace, which is the global challenge for climate action in solidarity with people who need it the most and to put the needs of climate-vulnerable people front and centre.

Stand in solidarity with the world’s most vulnerable people by using these hashtags in your social media activities: #TheHumanRace #WorldHumanitarianDay