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Broking Services & Account Admin

Director, Broking Services & Account Administration

About Jessica Anderson:

Jessica is the Director of Broking Services and Account Administration where she oversees a team of Account Managers and Marketers, manages Group Marketing initiatives for account placements, and develops Underwriting for a number of in-house binding authorities.

At a management level, Jessica develops content for monthly educational round tables, oversees Group Marketing by hosting marketing office hours and providing support for account placement, and standardizes policies and procedures in order to ensure the continuous learning and growth of her team. In managing the Group Marketing team, Jessica helps place accounts over $35K in premium for any producer in the group.

As an Underwriter, Jessica is instrumental to a number of in-house binding authorities including Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability for a variety of industry classes.

With both CAIB and CIP designations plus over 13 years of experience in the insurance industry, Jessica is truly a well-rounded professional as she is also an Account Executive for a number of insurance programs for the Retail & Hospitality and Professional & Financial sectors. Jessica is driven by her passion in working with a variety of clients to explore different ways to tackle risks, take on challenges, and land terms for hard to place accounts.

Jessica is someone who values hard work, integrity, teamwork, and positivity. Because of these attributes, she has earned acclamation from her colleagues at Axis Insurance by being the recipient of a number of Axis Group awards over the last few years. Her ability to foster relationships with insurers, negotiate contracts and binding authorities, and admirable work ethic makes her a prominent member of Axis Insurance and a valuable team leader.