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Aviation & Aerospace

Account Administrator

About Laura Weich:

Though relatively new to the insurance industry, Laura has been working within the aviation industry for 10 years in various areas, including Maintenance and Operations. She is passionate about the long-term connections and relationships that she continues to form in this industry; to her, people are amazing and she truly believes that the relationships she develops with her clients, colleagues, family, and friends – and the value she places on them – are her key to success.

Laura is a team player with a bubbly personality but admits that she definitely functions best after that first cup of coffee in the morning!

Funnily enough, Laura had a fear of flying for many years, but working in this industry has changed that. She loves to travel and the experiences of one trip always inspire the next. She is an outdoor enthusiast who continues to push her boundaries – physically, mentally and emotionally. She thrives on the challenge of being outside of her comfort zone, which applies to work and life.