Nadene Beemish

Executive Vice President, General Commercial Insurance

General Commercial
Real Estate

I’m Nadene Beemish, Executive Vice President at Axis Insurance. In my role, I focus on leveraging my 39 years of insurance expertise to guide our clients through their risk management needs. I’ve been with Axis Insurance since 2011, specializing in general insurance while mentoring our team to grow and expand their insurance knowledge. My career includes 14 years with a large independent brokerage, where I specialized in construction insurance. Here at Axis, I bring that same dedication to ensuring our clients can confidently embrace risks and seize opportunities for growth.

As a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB), I emphasize education and the value of mentorship, helping others develop their skills while building a culture that values knowledge sharing. By combining strategic insight and practical experience, I aim to ensure that our clients are equipped to approach challenges with informed confidence, aligning with Axis Insurance’s vision to transform risks into opportunities.

Outside of work, I love sports, with hockey being a favourite to watch. I have three kids who grew up playing various sports, and I keep active through kickboxing classes and golfing. My passion for cooking and traveling to new places fuels my creativity, while my dog keeps me on my toes.

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