Shari Anticknap

Account Executive, General Commercial Insurance

General Commercial
Real Estate

Hi, I’m Shari Anticknap, an Account Executive at Axis Insurance, where I’ve been part of the team since 2021. Amassing over 30 years in the insurance industry, I specialize in providing bespoke insurance solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, with a particular focus on Construction, Realty, Restaurants, and Health & Wellness professionals. My approach is intensely client-focused, ensuring that each of my clients receives exceptional customer service tailored to their specific needs.

My professional journey is complemented by a passion for health and wellness, a field in which I am also certified as a Holistic Nutritionist. This background enriches my understanding of the unique challenges and needs within the health and wellness industry, allowing me to offer insightful, customized advice that goes beyond traditional insurance services.

Outside of work, I’m deeply engaged with everything related to health and wellness. I spend much of my free time outdoors, usually hiking or mountain biking. My love for food also plays a significant role in my life—I enjoy cooking as well as exploring new restaurants.

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