Patrick Gunning

Account Manager, Mining & Technology


I’m Patrick Gunning, an Account Manager in the Broking Services & Account Administration team at Axis Insurance. Joining the company in 2021, I brought with me six years of diverse experience in the insurance industry. My role is pivotal in facilitating smooth operations and ensuring our clients’ needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Since stepping into this role, I’ve dedicated myself to understanding and navigating the complexities of various insurance markets to support our clients comprehensively. My focus is on enhancing client interactions and optimizing our service delivery to not only meet but exceed expectations. At Axis, our vision to transform risk into success resonates deeply with my approach. By emphasizing strategic risk management, I enable our clients to confidently embrace opportunities for growth, turning potential challenges into victories.

Outside the office, I’m passionate about sports, both as a spectator and a participant. I enjoy coaching local teams, which sharpens my leadership and teamwork skills—qualities that are just as essential in my professional life. Hiking and reading autobiographies also allow me to unwind and gather fresh perspectives, maintaining a well-rounded and energetic approach to both my personal and professional endeavors.

Patrick’s Team