Raquel Cooper

Vice President, Professional & Financial Services

Professional & Financial Services

I’m Raquel Cooper, Vice President at Axis Insurance, where I have been since 2014. I have nearly three decades experience in the insurance industry. My area of focus is on Law Firms, Insurance Brokers, Architects, and Engineers. I have a deep understanding of the risks associated with these professions along with how to mitigate risk and protect assets unique to these industries.

My role involves leveraging my extensive experience to provide innovative risk management solutions that are precisely tailored to the unique needs of our professional clients and allowing my clients to transform risks into opportunities for growth. The foundation of my work is built on a understanding of the intricate risk landscapes faced by professionals in legal, brokerage, architecture, and engineering fields, ensuring they are equipped to navigate these challenges confidently.

When I’m not working to build and maintain relationships with clients and brokers I enjoy nature walks, biking, diamond painting, listening to music, and watching movies.

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