Karla Mendez

Account Manager, Professional & Financial Services

Architects & Engineers
Professional & Financial Services

Hello! I’m Karla Mendez, an Account Manager at Axis Insurance, having joined the team in January 2018 through our merger with Metrix. My career in insurance spans 12 years, starting in pet insurance in Ontario before shifting to home insurance and, most recently, commercial insurance. My focus is primarily on Property & Casualty, specializing in industries like Retail & Hospitality, particularly restaurants, as well as Professional & Financial Services including Architects and Engineers.

One of my key roles at Axis has been managing a large restaurant franchise program since 2018, overseeing its intricacies and ensuring we deliver tailored insurance solutions that help each franchise thrive even in the face of potential risks. This role requires a deep understanding of the unique challenges these sectors face, enabling me to assist our clients in not just mitigating risks but also in leveraging them for their growth.

Outside of work, you’ll likely find me trying out new recipes or practicing yoga.

Karla’s Team