Rob McLeod

Senior Vice President, Professional & Financial Services

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Professional & Financial Services

I’m Rob McLeod, the Senior Vice President at Axis Insurance, where I joined in 2013. Bringing 15 years experience to the insurance industry, my career has been marked by a commitment to delivering exceptional risk management solutions to professionals within the financial services space, including architects, engineers, mortgage brokers, realtors, and lawyers. I am a Chartered Insurance Professional and Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, which is pivotal in guiding architects and engineers through their unique and complex risk landscapes.

Serving on the ACEC-BC Business Practice Committee and the Professional Liability Agents Network board of directors, I bring a wealth of industry-specific insights and connections to my role at Axis. My work at Axis embodies our mission to transform risks into opportunities for growth, providing clients with forward-thinking insurance solutions tailored to their specific needs. My profound understanding of commercial risk management, particularly in business interruption and liability, is specially designed for the unique needs of the design and construction industries.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy time spent with my family, travelling, snowboarding, and fitness.

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