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The manufacture and sale of any product is a complicated business and getting the right insurance can be equally complex. You need coverage for your whole production process from the raw materials right through to delivery of the final product, as issues can arise at any point during production.

Stock throughput coverage is predominantly written at Lloyds of London. Axis Insurance enjoys a long-term connection with Lloyds and the London market and we enjoy exceptionally good relationships with writers of stock throughput insurance in both the UK and Canada.

Benefits of Stock Throughput Insurance:

Reduced Administration

  • No Shipment or location reporting requirements

Lower premium

  • One single policy rather than multiple policies

No Time Restriction for how long goods are in Storage

Competitive Stock Deductibles

Beneficial Stock Limits/Valuation

  • Cover on an “any one location” basis avoiding named location including third party locations
  • Replacement Cost plus Freight/Duty Charges/plus 10% or Selling Price

When does coverage stop?

  • When delivery is made to your customer

“All Risks” wording ­— broader wording than a Property Policy

Seamless cover, avoiding gaps in cover

  • Stock and transit in one single policy
  • Cover on a “cradle to grave” basis
  • Low deductibles — including Earthquake

Simplification of claims settlement

  • One policy to refer to in the event of a claim
  • One of the highest risks associated with cargo occurs between these two sections: when the cargo is being loaded, offloaded, or moved from storage to transit. This loss scenario typically results in an argument amongst insurers as to which carrier is responsible at the moment the merchandise is damaged or stolen. This often stalls or complicates claims payments.

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