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When the unexpected happens and you’re away from home you need to know that you’ve got insurance to cover those unforeseen costs. From a skiing accident to illness, lost luggage to travel interruption, vacations or visits overseas can change from pleasure to nightmare in a heartbeat. Nobody can stop these things from happening altogether, but we can make sure you’ve got the insurance in place to cover those costs and get you back home.

With Axis Insurance you can purchase travel insurance anytime, right up to the day you leave. Whether you’re a Canadian, a visitor, an international student, or an expat, we can help you. We can even provide business travel insurance too, including group policies for all your employees.

Having proper travel insurance allows you a peace of mind so you can relax and concentrate on the serious business of enjoying yourself on holiday!

Travel insurance can also cover the transportation of your family, out-of-pocket expenses, the return of your vehicle or in the worst case provide a capital sum for accidental death and repatriation expenses. We’re also able to offer Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage – perfect if you miss a connecting flight because of bad weather, for example.

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