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Broking Services & Account Admin

Account Manager

About Gwen Hung:

“Gwen is an expert in account administration, a vital role in an industry dependent on timely and accurate documentation.

Working closely with our clients, Gwen ensures a smooth flow of information and documents between our clients and the insurance companies underwriting their business. Workflow includes the preparation of underwriting information, policy insurance, invoicing, finance contracts and certificates of insurance. Our clients rely on us to consistently provide the right information to their underwriters, prompt issuance of policies and certificates, and smooth handling of claims. Gwens extensive career in administration ensures the team stays ahead of client expectations.

Gwen began her office career working in the banking industry and moved into the insurance industry in an office administrative role in 1995 with Optimum West. In March 2004, Gwen moved to Finning International, as both executive assistant to Stacey, and Office Administration Manager until moving to Axis Insurance Managers in June 2005.

In her 13 years with Axis, Gwens priority has been to provide Stacey and Clives customers with a level of service, competence, and timeliness that is regularly described by those clients as excellent.”