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Systems & Administration

Manager, Systems & Administration

About Lori Kirk:

“Lori is the Manager of Systems & Administration, where she works with and leads her various teams to support, configure and maintain a reliable infrastructure of tools for all staff to enable them to be successful in their roles.

Lori has accumulated well over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, having started her career in a family-owned insurance agency since high school. There, she worked with her father learning every aspect of running an agency from front to back, whether it was understanding all sides of the industry large or small whether Auto, Personal or Commercial, or learning all aspects of insurance accounting.

To this day, Lori continues to be most passionate about learning something new every day and helping others be successful. She enjoys being able to tackle a problem and find the best resolution for all as well as investigating and testing new ideas and working on projects for the betterment and advancement of all.

As someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and honest, Lori is always willing to help resolve issues within her control and/or escalate those that are not. She enjoys being able to see a plan or project become successfully completed. No matter what the issue, Lori will communicate and research for or with staff members to get the best results.