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Director, Business Development & Marketing

About Dane Gorton:

I’m Dane, the leader of the Marketing and Business Development team at Axis Insurance. In my role, I fuse innovation with a deep understanding of our industry to craft strategies that propel our brand and client engagement forward. My journey in insurance spans over 14 years, specializing in commercial and personal insurance with a keen focus on real estate, hospitality, and professional liability sectors.

My expertise lies in marrying traditional insurance knowledge with cutting-edge digital marketing techniques. Since delving into the digital realm in 2015, I’ve developed sales pipelines and marketing strategies that not only meet but often exceed our expectations. This blend of experience and innovation enables me to lead our team in creating unique, compelling experiences for our clients, aligning perfectly with Axis’s commitment to embracing and shaping success through risk.

Beyond the professional sphere, I’m an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, which balances my interest for economics, finance, and emerging technologies like Bitcoin and AI. These interests keep me grounded and continuously learning, traits I believe are crucial in our ever-evolving industry.

At Axis, my goal is to actively drive the transformation in the insurance landscape, setting the standard of best-in-class, and ensuring our clients are equipped to lean into risk with confidence.