Lesley Woodruff

Vice President, Human Resources

Axis Human Resources

I’m Lesley Woodruff, Vice President of Human Resources at Axis Insurance. With over ten years of experience in HR, I’m passionate about nurturing our company’s most valuable asset – its people. I started as a Receptionist/HR Assistant and have grown with Axis, eventually focusing solely on HR as part of the Senior Management Team.

My education includes a CPHR designation and a BCOMM from Concordia University, where I majored in Human Resources with a minor in Marketing. I’ve also spent two years teaching English in Japan.

At Axis, my role in Human Resources focuses on fostering a workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. This environment not only enriches the lives of our employees but also has a direct impact on our clients. When our teams work in an atmosphere of collaboration and empowerment, it naturally translates into a client-focused approach. By promoting a culture where individuals are encouraged to thrive and contribute their best, we enable our clients to make informed, calculated risks, ultimately propelling their businesses towards greater success.

Lesley’s Team