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Account Executive

About Andrew Pecnik:

“Andrew is an Account Manager with over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry. As part of the Independent Business Team (IBT), Andrew works with a diverse book of clients where he is able to build relationships and gather an organic understanding of these businesses. Being connected to a vast number of options within the insurance market, Andrew is able to successfully help his clients achieve financial security through proper insurance coverage and strategies.

As a firm believer of honesty being paramount in relationships and trust, Andrew is dedicated to empowering his clients to make informed decisions and helping their business grow and evolve through his knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy services.

Andrew is currently Level 2 licensed in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. His most compelling experience in his work is when he is able to see a clients insurance policy respond and protect them during a claim and being able to help his clients understand the value of comprehensive insurance protection.