Phil Webb

Account Executive, Construction & Real Estate

Real Estate

I’m Phil Webb, an Account Executive at Axis Insurance, where I’ve been since 2014. With 15 years in the insurance industry, I’ve navigated various sectors but have developed a particular expertise in sport & leisure, construction & trades, and professional lines. This diverse experience enables me to offer clients in these fields tailored, comprehensive insurance solutions that address their unique challenges and opportunities.

One of my standout professional achievements is becoming the preferred insurance agent for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association. This role not only highlights my specialized expertise in the sport & leisure sector but also reflects my commitment to supporting organizations and individuals in achieving their goals with confidence and security.

Beyond the realm of insurance, my interests span health & fitness, constitutional law, and the mysteries of the cosmos, especially dark matter and dark energy. These pursuits, seemingly disparate, are united by a common thread of curiosity and a desire to explore and understand complex systems, whether they govern physical health, societal structures, or the universe itself. This intellectual diversity enriches my approach to problem-solving and strategic planning, allowing me to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to my clients at Axis Insurance.

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