Doug O’Dwyer

Account Executive, Construction & Real Estate

Real Estate

Hi there, I’m Doug O’Dwyer, an Account Executive at Axis. My time in the insurance industry spans over 16 years, where I started in Ireland before moving to Canada and joining Axis Insurance in 2015. This diverse experience has honed my skills and deepened my understanding, where I now specialize in the construction, contractors, and real estate sectors.

My primary focus is on providing tailored insurance solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities within these industries, ensuring our clients are well-equipped to navigate their specific landscapes.

I hold a CIP designation which stand as testaments to my commitment to continuous learning. I pride myself on not just responding to our clients’ needs but anticipating them, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and mutual success. My approach is a vision of transforming risk into opportunity, enabling our clients to venture confidently into their futures with our innovative, bespoke insurance solutions at their back.

Outside the office, I’m an avid sports enthusiast. My passion for staying active is reflected in my participation in crossfit and triathlon events, challenging myself physically and mentally.

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